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What Do I Do

I do a lot of things, but here is some of the major tech I have been using lately.



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I have known and worked with Jordan for many years. He is a man who can do it all and gives 100% effort on every project that he undertakes. I would highly recommend working with Jordan if given the chance. He is an extremely professional goal-oriented person who is fantastic to work with!

Brian Gaputis

Jordan is an entrepreneur at heart and a very talented developer. He's tenacious and always tries to find a solution when you feel you're at a dead end. Jordan was a pleasure to work with and can easily mold himself to any work situation or environment. There's no doubt that success will always be his heels as he blazes a trail to innovative solutions for the whole world to enjoy. I'm glad to call him a friend and know he will enlighten any team he has the opportunity of working with.

Anthony Guagliardo

I have known Jordan for close to a decade now and I can say he is someone you want by your side. He is always looking to provide massive value and expecting nothing in return. He specifically gave me one idea to implement with my business, among many others, and it completely changed my ability to efficiently run it from that point on. I highly recommend Jordan, I am sure you can get value in working with him.

Chaz Wolfson